Playing a New Game

You can start a new game at any time, you should not wait till the game finishes and the computer makes the move in its turn. So, if the party interrupts, and one of the players has significant advantage, he is considered to be a winner, and his name will be entered in statistics of top winners and defeaters. If the advantage is not significant the party is estimated as drawn.

To Start a New Game

It is necessary to press one of the buttons in the right bottom corner of the screen::

If you choose to play the white, the chess-clock will start only after you make the first move.
If you prefer to play the black, the chess-clock will start at once, and the computer will start to think over the move. You play the next.

You can also start a new game just from the menu Game. or from the keyboard: F2 - White Game or F3 - Black Game.

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