Main Window

The window has two panes: the left one in which the chess board with designations is located, and the right one - for information and control. The following fields are located in the right pane: The right part of the window can be hidden having moved the right border of the window tothe board as described in sectionWindow and Board Size.

In the window for messages various messages are displayed.

The face, representing a computer, can smile, cry or be serious depending on an estimation of a condition on a board from the point of view of a computer. It is above chess-clock for white or for black, depending on you have chosen what chessmen.

Hours go, if the game is not stopped. A clock icon shows whose clock is in operation.

All moves are registered in the window of move records. If all the moves do not keep in the window, it is possible to take scrolling up to the beginning or the end of records.

Below the window of records the control panel which contains 5 buttons herein provided at the left on the right is located:

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