Soft Chess program plays with you.

To start the game make a move: click on a chessman, that is the first to start with, then click on a square where it should take place.

If you are mistaken, possible moves will be shown on the board.

The next move is made by the program.

To begin a new game click on the button with the White or the Black King in the right bottom corner of the program window.

It is possible to look through statistics of your victories and defeats.

To change the window size point to the left or the right window border and drag it. You can also press the button of deployment of the window in the top right corner. Sizes of windows will change together with sizes of the board.

If the computer thinks too long, it is necessary to reduce depth of search, thus the quality of its playing will decrease. Accordingly, in order to raise the quality of the game, increase depth of search.

Using commands of the menu Options it is possible to adjust colors, a mode of helps and other options .

If you prefer to use the keyboard instead of the mouse, address to section Use the keyboard.

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